The First Few Days Back At School!

The day we have been waiting for. The day that the children go back to school after yet another lockdown.

This lockdown has been the worst one by far. I don’t know if it is the lack of school work left todo or the fact that my children have realised that I am actually a very crap teacher but they have been waiting for the 8th of March ever since Boris announced the return.

With Elsa being in primary school and Cleo due to start nursery, we have been getting prepared for the return to school. Catching up with school work to make sure that Elsa is ready to go back and getting Cleo ready to start nursery.

Elsa is more worried about going back this time. In her words; “I have to wear a mask as the people at school are not family or in my bubble.”

Wearing a mask at school is her safety blanket. It makes her feel safe. She loves school and learning so she is so happy to be back but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t worried about catching covid.

The majority of our family have had the vaccine now which makes us feel better with the return to schools.

The first 2 days of the return to school have been amazing and that sounds odd to say considering that we are still in a pandemic but Elsa has had such an amazing 2 days and it is incredible to see her grow and flourish again. Her face lights up when she goes to school and she is just herself again. Her mental health is so much better now she is back at school already and it has only been 2 days!

The first few days back have been the best thing to happen this year and I am hoping, my fingers are crossed that the school stay open! They need to stay open!

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