Binge Worthy Tv Shows That You Have To Watch – Part 2

This is part 2 so if you haven’t read part 1 then it is here.

There are so many amazing shows on TV nowadays and it can feel overwhelming to choose something to watch.

That’s why, sharing your recommendations is important! I am always on the look out for new shows to watch but being a parent means that it can hard to binge watch. I do try my best though!

So here are some more recommendations:

Shooter on Netflix was really good! It’s about an ex marine sniper who’s called back into action when he learns about a plot to kill the president. We also really enjoyed Gangs of London on Sky but it’s very brutal in places! – The Mini Mes and Me

Money Heist on Netflix is so good! You see both perspectives of a heist from the robbers and police and don’t know who you want to win! One of those where you keep saying just one more until you realise it’s gone midnight and you’re still going. – Miss Manypennies

The sopranos! It has everything! You get totally wrapped up in the mob underworld and their lives, and you root for them to win. It’s gripping, addictive watching…. Just get past the first 3 or 4 episodes and I promise you will be hooked… Also one of the best series ends although that’s controversial! Lol! – Two Hearts One Roof

Firefly Lane on Netflix. I can never binge watch anything because my attention span is rubbish… but I was so engrossed in this from the first episode. Such a beautiful depiction of those rare female friendships that are hard to find and too precious to lose. – The good thing is though

Black Mirror on Netflix. You wouldn’t second guess some of the story lines and they will make you smile, laugh, shudder and squirm in equal measure. Enough episodes to keep you going for a while too. Some say that the years 2020/2021 are Black Mirror’s ‘real life’ season 6! – Happy Family Hub

Friday Night Dinner! It was recommended to me as an easy show to watch during lockdown. I absolutely love it, it’s great fun, laugh out loud. Currently on Netflix. – Cup Of Toast

The Morning Show on Apple TV. Was so good, and both Steve Carrell and Rachel Aniston were brilliant on it. I can’t wait for the next series. – Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee

This is us on Amazon prime. Tear jerker spaning decades of one family. Even my husband loves it. – EatCartwright

Dark on Netflix. It’s a German tv show full of mystery and intrigue. Don’t dub it, have the subtitles on. It’s 3rd and final season just finished and it was perfection. Prepare to get your thinking cap on though! – Nomipalony

Ozark on Netflix. Its a drama about a couple who move to the Ozarks to money launder for a Mexican drug cartel. You know those tv shows that you absolutely can’t wait to see the next episode of? Well this is one. Laura Linney & Jason Bateman are amazing & there are so many other brilliant characters. Can’t wait for the next season! – Glasgow With Kids

Devils. It’s new on Sky Atlantic, and soooo good! Great story line, plus a couple of hotties! – Life As Mrs D

Behind Her Eyes on Netflix. British psychological thriller marketed with the hashtag #WTFEnding, I had to watch it just for that mind boggling ending. – Mummy Wishes

Schitts Creek on Netflix. It’s heart warming and so so funny. – Munchies and Munchkins

Criminal minds! On sky living or Amazon prime. A different serial killer every episode and such a great group of actors! – Raising Harry

We’ve just watched self made which is about the first black female millionaire who created a hair serum for damaged hair. It is only four episodes long but it could have easily have been more as it was so interesting. – Emma Reed

We have been making our way through the 4 Marvel series on Netflix, Started with Jessica Jones, then The Iron First, and we just finished Luke Cage, next on the list is Daredevil, although I think we may have watched them in the wrong order. Not for kids. – Mom of Two Little Girls

We’ve just binge watched all of Superstore up to the end of season 5 on Netflix! Its funny and lighthearted. – Keene On Travel

Unforgotten, it’s a crime drama from itv and also on Netflix. I’ve binged watched it over the last couple of weeks and the new series came out last week! – We Made This Life

New Amsterdam on sky. It’s amazing and will have you laughing and crying throughout. – The Strawberry Fountain

Snowpiercer on Netflix. It’s not your usual end of the world programme! – Mummy, It’s Ok

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