Goo Jit Zu Marvel Review


I’m pretty sure that every house has at least 1 marvel fan in it, doesn’t it?

I know, in our house we have a few and that means we are always waiting for another movie or a new show to be released.

Marvel related toys are also a huge hit with there being so much fun stuff to play with, we are constantly searching for new Marvel themed toys.

Goo Jit Zu has a range of toys with are Marvel. The Marvel characters have joined the other Goo Jit Zu Heroes to create even more fun.

Goo Jit Zu characters are the ultimate, squishiest, stretchiest and gooiest heroes out there. Each Marvel character has different goo inside with different textures and feels too.

The characters can be stretched to almost 3x their size and they will return to their original shape. Each characters goo has a item in it which corresponds to the character.

As well as being able to be squeezed and stretched, you can also play battles with them and create your very own Marvel comic or Marvel Avengers movie. You children can battle it out with their Goo Jit Zu Marvel character and decide who they think will win.

There is a full range of Goo Jit Zu Marvel which includes:

The latest Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Marvel Characters: Radioactive Spider-Man, Gamma Glow Hulk, Iron Man, Venom, Black Panther, Groot and new characters for 2021 are Miles Morales Spider-Man and Thor – £12.99

Supagoo Characters – Thanos, Hulk, Spider Man – £29.99

Marvel Versus Pack – Spiderman vs Venom – £24.99

Which one do you think would win in a battle?!

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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