Why We Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

Another year. Another World Down Syndrome Day. But why do we celebrate it?

My Brother, Rory is now 6 years old so we are getting a bit of a pro at celebrating World Down Syndrome Day.

World Down Syndrome Day is marked each year on March 21, beginning in 2006. The 21st day of March was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome. 

As a family, we celebrate WDSD to raise awareness and recognise how amazing Rory is and everything that he has achieved. Using social media is one of the best ways to spread awareness and talk about our experiences of having someone close to us with Down Syndrome.

But what other reasons are there to celebrate Down Syndrome?

Because so many people are scared of having a baby with downs syndrome but with awareness would be less anxious during pregnancy which of course is always a good thing. – Be Happy Be You

To help break down the stigma. There have already been some good steps in recent years, such as Down Syndrome models having great success in the fashion and cosmetic industries. The more awareness the better! – Autumn’s Mummy

I think it’s important to help celebrate the achievements of those with Down Syndrome. I think for many there’s often a subconscious preconception to what a life for someone with Down’s Syndrome will be like. I think breaking down prejudices and having a true insight can only be a positive thing. – Mighty Mama Bear’s Book Blog

To remind people that a child with Down Syndrome is not a negative outcome to a pregnancy. As an older mum who was pregnant in her mid 40s, I was horrified when the hospital midwife rang to discuss my ‘risks’ of Downs (which does increase by age). I almost felt pressurised into having extra tests, some of which could even end in baby loss. – A Rose Tinted World

Because when I was pregnant with my third baby, all the tests showed positive for Down’s syndrome and I was ready to accept my baby as the doctors were telling me. Despite test results my baby was born without Down’s syndrome but honestly it would not make any difference as I was already used to the fact. Down’s syndrome is not a sickness its just a condition in which a child is born with an extra copy of their 21st chromosome !!! – Kristine’s Blog

Raising awareness goes hand in hand with educating people on Downs Syndrome and therefore breaking down the stigma that surrounds it. It’s been so wonderfully refreshing to see the huge steps being taken in recent years to help with this – notably done bigger companies employing models with Down Syndrome and more awareness can only be as good thing. – Best Lodges With Hot Tubs

Teaching not only children but adults about some of the differences and helping the world be more accepting ❤️ – Raising Harry

Because many people still don’t know what Down Syndrome is. There’s still stigma attached to it. There’s still a lot of fear. A day like World Down Syndrome Day is a chance to break that stigma, raise awareness and encourage support. – Live A Blissful Life

When teaching children, whether our own or ones at school, educating them about similarities and differences is essential. While children and adults with disabilities may look and act differently, they share many things with others. Gone are the days of people with disabilities being hidden from society, which is huge progress BUT still there is so much inequality. This day really could be the perfect opportunity to promote understanding and equality 💕 – Blossom Education

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