Is There Preferred Flooring for Kitchens?

Is There Preferred Flooring for Kitchens?

The one room that sees the most cleaning is the kitchen, which is why its known as both the heart of the house as well as the core active area.

Heavy foot traffic, stains, spills and footprints show up on this floor more than any other, which is why it takes twice as much time in cleaning than any other. In considering changing your current flooring, there is one option you should take a look at in order to cut down on the clean-up and that is Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl flooring has become the number one recommendation for moisture centric areas of the house such as kitchensand bathrooms.

It is especially durable by being composed of multiple layers and a thick core that provides comfort as well as practicality. When it comes to kitchen use, it’s waterproof characteristics provide unequalled protection to your subfloor whilst offering great style and easy to clean design.

Differing Design

People use vinyl due to its perfectly replicated look of hardwood, stone and ceramic options whilst also providing a cushion feel for comfort. On the top is a definitive wear layer that provides the long-lasting durability.

There are a few options within your choices for vinyl to implement.

Sheet vinyl flooring is laid down in 6 or 12 feet wide sheets, which is waterproof and easy to install. You also have the choice of plank vinyl flooring which can be installed via peel and stick down or a glue down method. Vinyl tile flooring is a glue down option by use of an adhesive that is preferred to be done by a professional if you are unsure.


Obviously, the biggest benefit to the kitchen is the waterproof technologies at play with vinyl.

By utilising 100% waterproofing design it withstands leaks from overspilling sinks, leaking pipes, washing machines and freezers that defrost, whilst also adding an anti-slip layer so spilled drinks and sauces won’t provide any nasty surprises along the way.


It is incredibly simple to clean Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as there is no grout and no seams.

Usually, a quick wipe can sort out any offending spills instantly, whilst a regular weekly mop can help to keep it looking new as well as a quick sweep with a nonabrasive broom. Approved floor cleaners that are not wax based are also recommended to use on the floor.
If you are looking for the best kind of flooring for your kitchen space to reduce stress, wear and tear, then Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring ranges such as Luvanto Endure Pro and Luvanto Click and Herringbone are hot topics for consideration.

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