5 Ways To Affirm ‘You’re Worth It’ Each Week

It’s good to do things for yourself from time to time. It’s good to be kind to yourself. It’s also good to make the effort for yourself and to prove that you’re worth it, which can be a stronger way of learning that lesson than affirmations or any other platitude you might see on Instagram.

Why is this? Well, when you say ‘you’re worth it,’ you’re really confirming that you’re worth having confidence, and being strong in who you are, and taking challenges head-on. It can help make the difference between weathering a difficult storm in life or not doing so as well, or knowing your worth in a difficult social situation, or, more simply, feeling happier and more expressive each day.

That sounds wonderful, but how is this achieved? Should we have to buy ourselves expensive items each and every day to confirm our self-worth? It does seem like that might be a hollow way of maintaining ourselves, and unsustainable to say the least. In the long run, we believe that some of the following self-worth activities can help reaffirm your confidence and help you feel proud of who you are.

Get In Nature

It’s very important to get into nature as much as you can, even if this means spending some time in your back garden each morning now that the weather is starting to become warmer. Nature can heal our perspective by reducing our stress and helping us feel more rooted in our surroundings.

If you take your dog for a walk or simply take a stroll through the park, you’re also taking part in a comfortable means of daily exercise, and this can be tremendously useful. Studies have shown that those who live within half a mile of a wide open green space enjoy being less stressed over time, compared to those who live in solely urbanized environments.

Getting in nature also helps you take a load off your mind, as walking or simply being in an area like this can be its own form of meditation. It’s not hard to see how tremendously helpful that is. Overall, when you make the effort to leave your house and get out in nature, you begin to feel as if you identify with it. That can be very helpful in a world where endless distractions and emotional proddings can leave us feeling confused day to day.

Challenge Yourself

Of course, most of us have role and responsibilities to take care of each day, and so it’s very likely you feel challenged already, at least to a degree. Furthermore, artificially challenging ourselves can sometimes feel as though we’re just wasting our very necessary need for downtime and relaxation.

Yet it is important to challenge yourself from time to time if you can, if only to prove to yourself that you can achieve if you set your mind to it. But what should you choose to do? Are you only challenging yourself if you write a full novel each month, or if you attend ten fitness classes? Of course, setting your sights too high can mean you miss every time.

It’s much better to take solace in the small victories, and to enjoy pursuing them each week. For instance, this month you may decide to cycle to work now that offices are slowly starting to open up and you have the equipment to do so. It could be that you approach your boss about that raise you feel you deserve now that your contract is being renewed. Perhaps, just perhaps, you could try cooking with those ingredients you were gifted last year and have since sat in your freezer, as this will take research, preparation and planning. A little challenge helps you feel as if you are capable of trying something new when you want to, and it’s worth reaffirming that lesson to yourself from time to time.

Take Care Of Yourself

It may sound obvious, but taking care of your health and your body is a great way of reaffirming you’re worth it. We have already briefly discussed the benefits of exercise, but it can also be the little things that add up.

Pampering and grooming yourself can serve as a great opportunity to relax and to treat yourself to a little tender loving care. Skincare products that help elevate your skin’s health and glow can contribute to a nightly routine of slowly winding down from a busy day, while also helping you prepare for the next one each morning.

You may also find that activities like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, body stretching, or even just quitting vices such as drinking alcohol (or at least cuttiing your intake tremendously) can have a massive difference in the long run. When you apply yourself in this way, you’re much more likely to see that yes, you are worth taking care of, and yes, your health does matter.

This can be a powerful lesson to learn no matter what you currently weigh, because that almost doesn’t matter provided you’re following healthy practices each day and looking to get better. And the more we care for ourselves, the more we begin to look how confident we have cultivated ourselves to be in the inside.

Be Honest

Many of us find  ourselves fearing to be honest because of the conflict it can sometimes cause, and of course, that’s not always a terrible thing. If someone is happy with their new car but you don’t think it looks very reliable or has a nice paint job, it’s good to tell them that you’re happy for them, because there’s no value in  giving your honest opinion.

That said, sometimes we can mistake this healthy practice for when we actually need to speak up. This might prevent us from putting our needs first from time to time, and that can lead us to feel bitter. For instance, it might be that your partner isn’t helping around the house as much as they had, despite working from home. Instead of letting this worry fester, it can be a tremendous idea to approach the topic and speak your truth, if only to get it out there.

But sometimes, it’s not all about conflict or confronting people with your honest. Sometimes, being honest with yourself can be the best idea. For instance, many of us have had a tough time over lockdown and yet have chastised ourselves for it. Why? Obviously we wish to hold ourselves to high standards, but there’s nothing shameful about being somewhat fraught when an international pandemic is going on and societies have completely changed. 

This honesty might be the first step you need to visit your Doctor and tell them how you’ve been feeling. This is a tough thing to approach, but there’s almost nothing in this list that can affirm ‘you’re worth it’ more than that. In this way, you really show that you’re there for yourself when you need to be.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Sometimes, letting bygones be bygones can help you focus on the present and the future as opposed to letting your past define you forever. This can be a tough lesson to learn, but over time, it’s one that becomes ever more pressing. We often find ourselves struggling to give ourselves this break until we have a sign that it’s okay to do so. Consider this your sign!

With thiis advice, we hope you can affirm ‘you’re worth it’ each week, to the point where it has a lasting effect.

Why? Because you really are worth it!

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