Playtime With Melissa And Doug!

What was meant to be a playtime with Elsa, Cleo and Brody became a playtime become myself and Cleo because we were too excited to wait!

When we received a box of Melissa and Doug the other week, we were so excited to get stuck in.

Melissa and Doug is a brand that we have played with before, they create some of the most beautifully crafted wooden toys that are amazing for encouraging imaginative play in children.

The quality of Melissa and Doug toys is exceptional. Everything is made so well and the kids love being creative with their products.

In our little care package we received; the food groups playset, latches boards, Doctor’s kit playset, fire chef dress up and primary lacing beads.

What we thought:

Food Groups Playset

This playset contains 4 wooden crates of wooden food. Each crate is a different food group; Meat, carbs, dairy and fruit and veg.

This set isn’t just great to play with a kitchen but it is also good to help teach children different types of food.

A set like this is ideal for imaginative play and it encourages sorting activities.

The food groups playset is suitable for 3 years plus and is available from Amazon.

Latches Board

These types of Melissa and Doug toys are our favourites. They are so unique and they are great to encourage fine motor skills.

Cleo loves discovering new toys like this and it is great for her sensory play too.

The latches boards can be used from a young age and is ideal for children that need to practise their fine motor skills. The board is bright and colourful with a picture under each door. All of the locks of different and even I had fun playing with it!

The latches board is suitable for 3 years plus and is available from Amazon.

Doctor’s Kit Playset

A doctors set is such a traditional and timeless toy.

So many children have got joy from a playset like this. I am so impressed with the quality of the Melissa and Doug Doctor’s kit. It includes absolutely everything that your child would need to play doctors and nurses.

Cleo has a lot of hospital appointments so sets like these really help to introduce her to things like the ear machine and blood pressure monitors.

The Doctor’s kit playset is suitable for 3 years plus and is available from Amazon.

Fire Chef Role Play

Every child love a dress up set and even Brody got in on this one.

The fire chef role play set comes with a fire chef jacket, hat, fire extinguisher and mega phone with sounds. The set fits children aged 3-6 but Brody is 18 months and even though it is a little big, he still had fun play with it.

The quality of this role play set is amazing! It is going to last years and it is unisex which is amazing too!

The Fire Chef Role Play set is in size 3- 6 years and is available from Amazon.

Primary Lacing Beads

I remember playing with something similar when I was younger. Lacing Beads are a brilliant toy for fine motor skills and you can even teach colours and shapes with it too.

The beads are chunky and you get a good range of beads. There are 2 different coloured laces which are long.

Cleo loves playing with these. They are brilliant concentration activity for her.

Lacing Beads are suitable for children aged 3 years plus and are available from Amazon.

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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