The Ultimate Fidget Toy – Push Poppers

Push poppers are everywhere at the moment.

Cleo has been playing with popper toys for a while now, it helps with her ASD and GDD but Elsa has been wanting to play with them too and and have become a bit of an obsession.

I never knew that they were different types of poppers but Elsa let me know! Some are better at popping than others!

Who knew?!

So when I gave her one of the new Push Poppers from Tobar Toys, I knew that she would soon tell me if it was a good popper or not.

The two poppers that she has been playing with are the rainbow Push Popper and the glow in the dark Push Popper.

Cleo has a sensory den so the glow in the dark Push Popper is great for that and everyone loves rainbows so the girls were very happy with the colors of the Push Poppers.

According to Elsa, the Push Popper is amazing. It pops really well!

The Push Popper feels really good quality and I found out that Push Poppers aren’t just a fad. They are a good fidget toy, great for sensory play and can even help relive stress!

The Tobar Push Poppers are available to buy now!

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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