What Are The Best Nursery Must Haves?!

With the kids back at school, we are now on the look out for new bit for school and nursery. Cleo is about to start Nursery and this will be her first time in a nursery/playgroup setting so we are all very excited to get to settled in.

We have recently been told that Cleo has got Global Developmental Delay and suspected Autism. This changed the way that we look at nursery. With Elsa it was easy to get her settled in, with Cleo the experience is going to be very different.

One way that we can help her get prepared for nursery is to get her excited with some new items for her time there. Cleo is 3 so should be starting school this September but we might have to push it back slightly, this means that Brody could potentially be at nursery with her. I don’t know if Brody is ready yet but there is no harm is preparing him too.

It is just the odd thing to get them excited for the idea of the new adventures that nursery could bring them. So here are some things that could help:

A new lunch box

I remember when I was at school, a new lunch box was very exciting. Maybe that is where my obsession and excitement for bags came from. Bibetta lunch boxes are bright and colourful and great for young children. They are eye catching so your child can find it easily even when it is in a pile of other lunchboxes.

One of the best features is that it opens flat so that it can be used as a placemat aswell as a lunchbox so ideal for eating up school tables or picnic benches.

It is big enough to hold everything including a bottle. It is easy to clean too as there are no smaller compartments in the bag so no crumbs or liquids can spill and get trapped in the smaller parts of the bag as it is all one big compartment.

Cleo is already using her lunchbox for trips to nanny’s and in the car and she packed it more than once to get ready for nursery.


Cleo’s shoe choice for nursery is very limited, she has to have insoles in her shoes so she has to have kickers. She loves her boots which is ideal as she has to wear them for medical reasons!

Brody on the other hand is now running about and he is a little shoe addict. He loves a fresh pair of shoes and has so many for a little boy! Some shoes though can be quite bulky and I don’t think they help him with walking at all. The Bobux Xplorer Scamp shoes are lightweight shoes for sizes infant 18 – 22. They are vegan friendly and perfect for warmer days as they are breathable.

They are very easy to get on and off but they do stay on your child’s feet. They are durable with a high flex sole and re-enforced toe cap so that it doesn’t wear if your child is inbetween walking and crawling. They are available in 5 colours and are suitable for boys and girls.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Every child loves toys and there are some toys that can actually help with the preparations with nursery. Alot of toys have an element of education to them. Our favourite place to get educational toys from is Learning Resources . They are based not far from us and they have a huge range of products for all ages. We recently reviewed a few of their products and you can read that blog post here.

You could get lost on their website (in a good way) with so many products on their, you will want it all. There are even some products that I want to play with!

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