Hello April

I am few days late in writing this post but March seem to fly by!

That month just flew by, didn’t it? I can’t believe that is April already. 2021 is going so fast, we are 4 months in!

With April, comes spring. The best season in my opinion!

Elsa was back at school for 3 weeks before the Easter holiday hit and she is off again until the 12th (I think!) so back to entertaining her!

This month, Cleo starts nursery too which she is very excited about and to be honest, so am I. She has been waiting for this for months now, Covid has messed up her nursery start so many times. It will be lovely to finally get her settled in and ready for primary school. She is meant to start in September but with all of the pandemic stuff, I think we are going to push her start back. I am sure though that April is the month that we find out about her school place.

I can’t be the only one that is waiting for the 12th April! The day that the retails shops reopen! I’m more interested in shopping then the pub!

What am I hoping for April?

In March I wrote my first article for the Lynn News and I started doing the social media for a local business. I want this year to be about growth. Every month, I want to grow. Even if it is just a little bit. It better than nothing, right?

I am proud that this year, I have written a blog post almost every single day! There has been a few gaps but I think, I have done quite well!

I just want April to be a good month. I want the weather to be good and I want the opportunities to be there even if i have to find them myself.

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright, architect and writer

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