What A Week…

Trigger warning for talk about death and Eating Disorders.

It is starting to feel as if there is a pattern with events.

Things go ok-ish for a few weeks then bam! Something big happens. It isn’t allows a big national thing, it might have just been something within my family unit. But that is the way it seems to be going.

Last week for example. Things seem to be going ok, rules relaxing slightly and the weather getting better. It all seemed to be going OK.

Then we heard that a well known actor, Paul Ritter had passed away. Social media was heart broken. He was in his 50s so it was a shock to his fans. Any death is sad and the last year or so, we have been surrounded by death.

Then a family members dog passed away suddenly. The kids loved the doggy and it was very very sad and we had a very upset Elsa.

Prince Phillip then passed away and it felt like the atmosphere completely changed. The news was sadness and even though, he was 99 years old. I couldn’t believe it. It made me realise even more that a while generation of history is going. It is heartbreaking.

A day later, we find out Nikki Grahame has passed away. She struggled with her anorexia and again, it was heartbreaking to read that she had lost her life. She was so young and I remember her on TV growing up.

It seems to be a week of death and sadness.

What a week it has been.

I thought I would just add to the end of this post that if anyone need to chat then my inbox is always open. It is a bloody tough time at the moment and we could all do with a chat sometimes!

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