Exploring Locally – Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

We explored somewhere new and it is local..ish!

Ok, Thrigby Hall isn’t on our doorstep but it is still in Norfolk. It is around an hour from us so is ideal for a day out that is slightly further away.

I think Thrigby Hall was only of the only Norfolk attractions that we hadn’t visited. I don’t know why but we always seemed to visit other zoos over this one. With Covid rules being lifted slightly, we thought it was the right time to give the kids a day out. I looked at places to visit and with the distance and the fact that we had never visited before, sold Thrigby to us.

When it comes to the prices to get in. I was so surprised! All the other zoos that we visit normally cost us around £60-£70 a visit. Thrigby Hall cost us £40 for 5 of us!! Amazing value for money if you ask me.

Thrigby Hall has a big range of animals. There isn’t Giraffes or Elephants but there is a good amount of different animals including a lot of cats such as Tigers and Snow Leopards.

Even though Thrigby Hall isn’t the biggest attraction, it does certainly fill a whole day out. I think the one thing that made us enjoy the day so much is the amount of climbing and the hands on experience when it comes to seeing the animals. A lot of the enclosures have bridges and steps so you can see the animals from the ground and up high. This meant that you can get so close to the animals. The Tigers are incredible and we got so close to them. It was amazing!

The other thing is that the animals seem so happy and that seems so odd to say but they interacted with the kids. The otters played with the kids for ages through the glass and once again, it was such an amazing experience.

If you are looking for a new and exciting day out then I would look at visiting Thrigby Hall! We will be visiting again 100%!

You can find out more over on their website – https://www.thrigbyhall.com/

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