Summer Fun With Gazillion Bubbles!

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Anyone else think that bubble and bubble toys are just a completely timeless toy that can be enjoyed by everyone?

I certainly do which is why we are really excited to be playing with the new Gazillion Bubbles toys this summer!

Bubble toys make a great outdoor or indoor toy. Not only are they loved by all children, they also make amazing sensory play too.

Over the last few weeks, we have been preparing for the warmer days. We have had a few days of sun so it seems a good time to be getting our outdoor toys ready!

The Gazillion Bubbles toys that we have are: Whirlwind Party and Gazillion Sky Bubbles.

Both of these are not products that we have used before. There is a smaller version of the Whirlwind Party machine that we had a few summers back but it is tiny compared to the new one.

The Whirlwind Party machine is ideal for putting in the garden in a place where it can fill your garden with bubble without you having to do too much. You simply place the bottle of bubble mixture upside-down on the machine and it does the work for you. It creates thousands of bubble with ease. We found the bottle that comes with the machine lasted around 30-45 minutes but this can very easily be refilled. The other place that this would be ideal would be a party. Just like it’s name suggests, it would make a fun addition to any party and the kids would love it.

The Sky Bubbles is completely new to us and I haven’t seen a bubble toy like this before. It reminds me of the older flying saucer type toys but this one also incorporates bubbles.

You fill it with bubble mixture. Place the flyer on to the handle and pull the string. This then makes the propellers on the sky bubbles go round and it flys off the handle! I didn’t really know what to expect when I first used it but it was so much fun! It took the kids a little while to understand how to use it. They did finally get the hang of it. I would also suggest using it in a more open area as this thing can definitely fly off!

As it flys off, it creates bubbles. Not a many as the Whirlwind Party but alot anyway for a smaller machine that is powered by hand and not batteries.

You can make a game out of the Sky Bubbles to see who can go the highest or who can make the most bubbles!

Both of these Gazillion products are great fun and we can’t wait to use them more over the summer season!

Gazillion Bubble Products are now available from Tesco.

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