Exploring Locally – Snettisham Park

Snettisham Park or as we call it Park Farm, a place where you can get hands on with farm life!

I can remember visiting Snettisham Park when I was little so it is one of those places that I love the take the kids.

Snettisham is a working farm not far from Hunstanton. Visitors can get hands on and get up close to all the farm animals. It is great for children to explore as well as learn all about the different animals.

We have been taking Elsa since she was a baby and she has always loved it there. With pregnancies and covid, we haven’t been able to visit in a while so as restriction are being to be lifted we though it was a good time to visit.

As we visited in Spring, there is lambs and they are very very cute! Cleo wanted to take one home. I mean, who wouldn’t want too?!

The farm itself isn’t the biggest but there is enough there to fill a few hours especially if you plan on taking a picnic or buying food from the cafe there.

As well as the farm animals, there is pony rides that need to be prebooked, climbing frames and ride on tractors.

It is a great day out. Rumor has it, it is a great hit with the Royals too!

It is a great place to visit if you want your children to get hands on with animals and nature. My children love it!

Prepare for more Snettisham Park photos on social media as we have brought a season ticket too!

To find out more visit the Snettisham Park website.

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