Playtime With Orchard Toys!

It feels great to be writing about Orchard Toys again! They are a Norfolk based children’s game and puzzle brand and we are huge fans!

If you have read my blog before, you won’t be shocked that we are writing about more Orchard Toys products. We have been playing with their puzzles and games for years now.

Orchard Toys create educational and fun games and puzzles for children. Their products range from ages 1 to adult. They are great fun to play as a family but they are also educational.

We have found that you can never have too many games like this. They come in handy when Elsa isn’t at school but still wants to learn and also to get Cleo or Brody ready for Nursery.

The games and puzzles can also help encourage hand and eye co-ordination, teamwork, patience and problem solving.

Our new bundle of Orchard Toys products included:

·   Dino-Snore-Us (4yrs)

·       Penalty Shoot Out (3-7yrs)

·       Unicorn Jewels (3-7yrs)

·       Dizzy Donkey (5yrs)

·       First Jungle Friends (2yrs)

·       Mermaid Fun (2yrs)

·   First Farm Friends (2yrs) 

There are 3 out of this bundle that have become favourites of Cleos!

First Jungle Friends

This puzzle set includes 2 12 piece puzzles. It is suitable for ages 2 plus, the puzzle pieces are chunky and the image is bright and colourful. Perfect for little hands.

Puzzles like this encourage hand eye co-ordination and problem solving.

For Cleo, these puzzles were easy. It took her a minute to do but she could do it on her own. She loved the images as they feature adorable jungle animals.

First Jungle Friends puzzle is priced at £8.75 and is available from the Orchard Toys website.

Unicorn Jewels

We love these little games from Orchard Toys! They are great for travel and they don’t take any time at all to set up or put away.

The Unicorn Jewels game is a colour guessing game. The first one with the most Jewels in their treasure chest wins the game.

This game encourages colour recognition skills and it also teaches children that it isn’t the winning that counts. It is about having fun.

Unicorn Jewels is suitable for ages 3-7 years.

Unicorns Jewels is priced at £5.35 and is available from the Orchard Toys website.

Mermaid Fun

Another puzzle. Cleo seems to love puzzles!

This one is a much larger puzzle. It comes with 15 pieces and these are very large pieces. Ideal for smaller hands to hold.

The Mermaid Fun puzzle also comes with a poster of the puzzle for your child to put up on their wall.

Once we have finished making the puzzle, we have a game of eye spy. It once again encourages problem solving as well as hand eye co-ordination.

Mermaid Fun is suitable for children aged 2 years plus.

It is priced at £11.25 and is available from the Orchard Toys website.

As you can tell, we love Orchard Toys! What is your favourite Orchard Toys product?!

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post.

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