Is It Really That Tough? – Tonka Outdoor Toys!

Tonka has been around longer than I can remember and for years, children have been playing outside with these classic toys but there are some new Tonka toys on the market!

But are they really that tough?

Living near the beach can have its advantages for sure and the kids are always wanting to take different toys to the beach. Not all toys are made for sand, mud or tough conditions.

Tonka has always been a brand that is known for its trucks, diggers and construction toys. They are one of the most well known brands.

What better way to test out how tough they really are than to take them to the beach?

Can they withstand the sand and rough play from the kids?

Right off the bat. The Tonka toys are huge! They are made from metal and you can tell straight away how well made they are. Not to mention, they are quite heavy. Quality is amazing though!

The main test for use was if it was easy for the kids to play in the sand with them. Most toys get sand stuck in the wheels or it ruins them as the sand gets inside.

Tonka toys are completely made for this. Elsa was able to play without having to worry at all about sand or even sea water. The Tonkas chunky size makes it easy for more than one child to play at a time too.

In the end, they are definitely tough! Tough enough for outdoor play. However you and your child play, they will be tough enough!

Tonka Toys are available from John Lewis.

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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