ASD – Our Journey So Far – Part 4

I can’t really believe that I am writing part 4 of our ASD journey already!

I know that this journey is going to be in quite a few parts. It is a long journey, we are more than aware of that. At the moment, we seem to be writing a different part every 3 months or so.

So how is Cleo doing?

Cleo is getting on ok. The pandemic hasn’t exactly made this easy. It isn’t easy anyway but you add in everything the pandemic has to offer and it makes things 10x harder.

Take Nursery for example. Normally we would settle her in the nursery room but we are not allowed in the nursery setting so that put that to a end. We had to fill in all the paper work and have the meetings outside. It doesn’t really make that much difference to us but Cleo had never been in the nursery room so her first time in there was without me. Nursery has also meant that we have started Cleo’s EHCP too!

If anyone has done one of them, they know how horrible they can be to fill in. I understand how important they are and once in place, they can help Cleo massively!

Of course though, if it helps Cleo then I will do anything.

Cleo also got rejected by Speech and Language Therapy which was tough. She needs the help so much but there just isn’t enough resources in Norfolk and the waiting times are really long too! Now we start the 10-12 weeks journey of her SALT assessment with nursery!

The other change is that Cleo’s insoles are not suitable her and to be honest, she hates them. We brought her kickers for her insoles but they are no good. She can’t wear them, she finds them so uncomfortable and can actually make her have a meltdown.

Her carbon fibre insoles were to stop tip toe walking and her feet turning in. These are both sensory responses for Cleo and because she can’t do it with her insoles, it really upsets her.

So the insoles are no more! Instead we are going to try boots that the hospital orders with plates in the sole of them. That way hopefully they will be more comfortable for her.

Appointments are still coming in thick and fast and she has one every 4-6 weeks at the moment. Its hard and with nursery now, it can be a bit of a juggle in the day. It is a whole new routine for Cleo so the adjustment has been better than expected!

As for how I feel? Well that is a different blog post all together!

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