What Is Your Dream? – Dream Seekers Review

Elsa has always been a dreamer. She has such a vivid imagination and even though she is only 6 years old, she knows what she wants to achieve.

Dream Seeker dolls are ragdoll inspire with soft material bodies and beautiful rooted hair which has such lovely details such as hair ribbons. The Dream Seekers outfits are fashionable and removable so if your child’s have more than one Dream Seeker then you can swap outfits. They also have whimsical wings which are beautiful!

There are a total of 3 dolls to collect; Bella, Hope and Luna. Dream Seekers keep your child’s dreams safe. Your child can wish that they come true while playing with the Dream Seekers. The dolls can inspire children to think about their dreams and use their imagination to wish for them to come true.

The Dream Seekers box can be used as a stand for the doll. It even has a hidden space to write dreams down!

The dolls are gorgeous and there is so much detail to them. But not only are they stunning but they also encourage children to dream and think outside the box. They can inspire them to think about jobs and goals they want to achieve. It is a great starting point for getting your children to talk about the future.

Elsa loves her Dream Seekers. She is such a dreamer and these dolls allow her to think more about her dreams and future. It could be a dream job or just somewhere that she wants to visit in a few weeks. Either way, it is encouraging her imagination.

We went to our local Smyths Toys Superstore to spot the Dream Seekers and found them!

Go to your local Smyths to find Dream Seekers too!

Dream Seekers are priced at £19.99 and are available here.

Disclaimer – We were sent these in exchange for a blog post

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