World Menstrual Hygiene Day With Bloom & Nora

May 28th is World Menstrual Hygiene Day and to celebrate the day, I thought it would be a good idea to share Bloom & Nora with you.

Bloom & Nora is a company that produce reusable sanitary pads. They were created by a lady call Fiona, who 15 years ago created the reusable nappy company called TotBots. 15 years later, her daughter inspired her to create reusable sanitary pads and Bloom & Nora was born.

One of the biggest concerns with disposable pads and tampons is chemicals and waste. They can contain chemicals and this can be concerning. The level of waste that is also created by sanitary products is worrying. Which is why, if you can switch to reusable then you should definitely look in to it.

There are 3 main products;

Bloomers – Natural Bamboo pads that come in different sizes and blod patterns.

Nora – Stay dry, stain resistant. Come in 5 different sizes and absorbency.

Accessories – bathroom bag and out and about bag.

The Bloom & Nora pads are such high quality that could last up to 10 years!

The reasons to switch to reusables are great. They are better for the environment, help save money, better for your body and can perform better. Not to mention they are so much more comfortable.

Bloom & Nora pads are soft to touch and fit comfortable in underwear. The bright colours and funky patterns make them fun to use too.

The different sizes mean that they can be used from the first period to people with a heavy flow. They are great for everyone!

The trail kit cost £30 and that will last you a while and contains everything you need go give them a go. They are a great price point considering how long they last.

To find out more or purchase check out the Bloom & Nora website.

You can use Thecoastalmummy21 to get 20% off all products except gifted vouchers.

We were kindly sent these in exchange for a blog post

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