Introducing Readingmate!

Children love to read and we should encourage it. Reading with your children has so many amazing benefits and Readingmate is making finding new books just that little bit easier.

Reading with you children can actually support cognitive development, create a stronger bond between you and child and helps improve creativity and imagination. There are so many benefits!

Readingmate is an app that can be downloaded on to Apple and Android phones and tablets. It helps your child keep track of books they have read and their complete reading journey. Children can warn badges and rewards which inspire them to read more. There is so data driven book recommendations so you child has an idea of what they would like to read next.

The app is free too so accessible for pretty much everyone!

As well as having the app, they also have an online book shop to make it easy to find and purchase new books.

A new feature that they have just released is the Readingmate book monthly subscription service. There are 3 tiers to choose from and not only do you get 1,2 or 3 books a month but also other great content, chances to win family day out vouchers, discounts on Readingmate products and free postage on all Readingmate book purchases.

Freedom Reader includes 1 book a month and is priced at £9.99 a month and includes exclusive content and Readingmate extras!

Book Lover includes 2 books a month and is priced at £19.49 and again includes all of the extras.

Avid Reader includes 3 books a month and is priced at £28.49 and includes all the extras.

Each month, you can get any book of any price from the 120,000 books that Readingmate has to offer!

There really is a book for everyone!

If you want to sign up then you can use my discount code for 25% off your first month’s subscription which is REBECCA50

You can cancel the subscription at any time too!

To find out more check out the Readingmate website.

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