Our Adventurous Half Term On The Bus!

We do love adventures but we normally just go out at the weekend when Jonny isn’t at work. For some reason, myself and the kids hardly ever go on adventures.

I think the fact that I can’t actually drive makes a huge difference. We live in a small village and because I don’t drive I thought that we couldn’t do anything unless we had a car. How wrong we were?

I didn’t even think of the local bus service. It had never really crossed by mind to use it with the kids. I used to years and years ago when I was at college but since having kids, I just haven’t.

The local bus service goes along the Norfolk coast so we can pretty much travel anywhere in West Norfolk and North Norfolk with ease. A bus with 3 kids sounds like hard work doesn’t it? But it was actually easier that I thought it would be. Brody is still in a buggy so there is that to navigate too but going on the earlier buses means that it isn’t so busy. They all saw it as an adventure in its own right. Before we had even got to where we wanted to go, the kids were saying they were enjoying themselves.

The cost of the bus is cheaper than I thought too and it is actually a good idea for a cheaper day out. You can sightsee when on the bus and it makes a day out of going somewhere plus you don’t have to pay for parking!!

We managed to visit Holkham and Wells but we could have visited all over the Norfolk coast. The possibilities are endless and we now know that we can go anywhere when it is half term now! We can go on our own little adventures.

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