Jana Rainhardt Ethical Jewellery Review

I have loved jewellery since I was little and to have a collection of jewellery that I love and use daily is the dream.

As I get older, I have started to venture out and purchase more classic pieces of jewellery. Ones that will stay with me for ever and one day passed down but just because jewellery is made to last a life time doesn’t mean it will cost the earth.

Jana Reinhardt jewellery is ethical and has pieces of jewellery at all price points.

Their jewellery is made with love and care. The lovely people behind this jewellery brand are Jana Reinhardt and her husband, Ross Cutting. Together they have worked 23 years in the jewellery industry. They have created pieces of jewellery that start off as sketches. There can be up to 10 stages in making their jewellery.

They are true remarkable.

Jana Reinhardt as a business also likes to do their best to help the environment. There pamphlets are 100% recyclable and they are printed with vegetable ink. All of their metal casting is down in London by a small family business where up to 45% of the gold and silver has come from recycled sources.

For me the whale necklace is perfect. It reminds me of the beach and all the memories that we have by the sea. There are so many options too when it comes to choosing the perfect necklace. You can choose which metal from sterling silver to platinum or if you have it engraved or not.

It is the stunning details that makes the Jana Reinhardt jewellery something to treasure forever.

You can find out more over on www.janareinhardt.com

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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