A Court Case Starts This Week

Trigger warning. This post will contain information about abortions.

Before I have my opinion and what I want to say, I thought I would include this that I found on Facebook to give you guys a bit of a back story:

“The Court Case begins this week…..

Did you know that in the UK, the time limit to terminate a pregnancy is 24 weeks that is unless the baby has Down syndrome, then that limit shifts right up to birth? That’s right, a termination is still legal right up until the baby enters the birth canal. Does that seem right to you??

This is not a debate about choice or termination. This is about equality and changing barbaric practises that devalue our children before they are even born. Those of us lucky enough to have a child with an extra chromosome feel blessed and happy with our children. It’s time our voices were heard, but most importantly its time the voices of people with Down syndrome are heard and this is what Heidi is doing, standing for the community and taking on this brave journey.

So what does this mean?

Currently in the UK, you can have an abortion if your child has Down Syndrome up until they enter the birth canal. Yep, you read that correctly. This week a lady with Down Syndrome and a Mother to a child with Down Syndrome are going to the high court to get this changed.

Everyone wants change. Personally, I believe that it is up to an individual what they do but abortion up until birth is not right. The baby could born and live a fulfilled life with happiness and adventure.

People with Down Syndrome can have regular lived like you and I. If society took more time in to including them and treating them like people with an extra chromosome then there wouldn’t be so much exclusion for people with Down Syndrome.

We are in 2021, we shouldn’t be aborting babies at birth. The baby is ready for life and because of society and their out of date thoughts, that babies parents decide that it’s life should end. Up until birth is too late in to the pregnancy. Why isn’t it 24 weeks?

Why is it up until the baby reaches the birth canal?

It needs to be changed and hopefully Heidi and Aiden can do that this week!

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