Visiting Norwich Cathedral With Children

I think there is a very common misconception that historic places are not a place for children. They can be seen as places that are not very children friendly but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a family, we love exploring places and Norwich Cathedral was one places that we hadn’t been yet as a family. Norwich Cathedral is situated in the city and is close to the castle and the shopping centres so is perfect for a day out in the city.

The Cathedral is about a 10 minute walk from Castle Quarter so that is where we parked. It seemed so much easier to park the car in there and go for a walk through the city to get to the Cathedral itself. One thing to remember is that it isn’t just a place to visit but a place of worship and is used for services and events.

It is vital that those who visit do remember this. Taking children to places like this can be stressful. Children can be loud and want to run around but it is such a good idea to take children to places with history like the Cathedral. Norwich Cathedral have events and activities to make the Cathedral more child friendly and welcome them in such as Dippy on tour with runs this year from July 13th to 30th October. Dippy is the dinosaur from the Natural History Museum which will be built in the Cathedral for everyone to see. This is a free event and an amazing way to show children that history can be fun.

When we visited the Cathedral recently, Elsa said that it looked just like Hogwarts and it was magical. It is a thought provoking visit and the kids asked a million different questions both walking around and after we had visited. There is alot to see but it introduces children to history in the best way!

You can find out more over on the Norwich Cathedral website.

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