Basics of MOT: All You Need to Know

The MOT is a standardised vehicle test that ensures that all vehicles on the road have a baseline level of roadworthiness.

It was introduced in the 1960s following a steady increase of road accidents caused by the cars being poorly maintained and posing a danger to other road users.

Who Must Have an MOT?

Any vehicle that is older than three years old in England, Scotland and Wales or older than four years old in Ireland, must have a test. This is because newer cars tend to be in good condition for at least the first two or three years of its life, only beginning to deteriorate around this time.

What is Tested?

In the first tests, only brakes, steering and lights were checked, but today, some sixty-plus years later, there is a lengthy checklist that takes in the inside and outside of the car, peers under the bonnet and even checks the emissions and all the electronic fuses and gadgets that make modern driving safer.

Can I Do It At Home?

In order to be legal, you will need to get an MOT certificate from a registered MOT testing centre, so no, you cannot fully do your own MOT at home. But what you can do is make sure that you know exactly what the testing centre will be looking for and ensure as many pass-marks as you can. Wash the windscreens, top up water, oil and any other fluids, check your tyres for excess wear or signs of damage. Make sure your lights are working, including your brake lights, and carefully test your steering to see if the range of play is within acceptable limits. Try out the brakes, and make sure you can perform an emergency stop in an appropriately short distance. Ensure seat belts are fitted and work appropriately. Sound your horn and make sure the number plate is clean, securely fixed and visible. There are over twenty different checks to the various parts of your car, and it is unlikely that you will catch them all – but you will give yourself a good chance of a straight-forward pass by taking care of your car and understanding what is tested in the MOT.

How Much is It?

MOTs are a legal requirement and cannot cost more than the legal maximum of £54.85. However, they can be cheaper: Book your MOT test in Brighton at KAP motors.
They start as low as £25.00.

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