Styling with Lands’ End UK!

One of my biggest issues when looking for new clothes is length. I am tall and it can be so difficult to find clothes that are actually long enough!

Then I came across Lands’ End. As a brand, they believe in comfort and style being hand in hand. Lands’ End brings comfort to an everyday wardrobe and also for every size. They do clothing, shoes and accessories for Men, Women and Children as well as swimwear. Their Women’s clothing comes in sizes petite 8 to a plus 30! Which has got to be the biggest size range that I have seen in a long time!

I have a pair of Lands’ End jeans and they are a size 18 which is the normal size that I would get in jeans. I have the style Elroy and I have them in the 34 leg. Again this is incredible as it is so difficult to get longer leg lengths especially in what would be considered plus sizes.

The jeans fit like a glove and do have some stretch to them which make them very comfy too. Lands’ End pride themselves in creating stylish but comfy clothes and they have done that. I couldn’t be happier with them and they give me the option to wear boots with them too which has always been an issue as jeans are never long enough for me to wear ankle boots with them but these are long enough for that and I can roll them up for the summer months.

The Elroy jeans are priced at £75-£80 but if you are a first time customer then you can sign up to get a discount! I love it when brands do this as who doesn’t love a saving on amazing quality products?!

You can find out more and do some much needed retail therapy over on the Lands’ End website.

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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