Learning Resources SeaScope Review

It is no secret that we love the sea. I mean my blog name is The Coastal Mummy so any beach/sea related toys are a win with us and we have recently been try out the Learning Resources SeaScope!

As I do with all my posts about the beach, I thought I would just remind you to check tide times and be safe while near the water! The beach has alot of dangers even though it can be a fun place so please be careful and check beach rules and tide times before going.

I have written about Learning Resources before and it is a local to us brand that we love! They create educational but fun toys and games. The GeoSafari range of toys and games is one of our favourites as it has a good range of outdoor toys for children of all ages. They are ideal of out and about play and encourage children to learn about the world around them while having loads of fun.

SeaScope is one of the toys in the range and it is ideal of those beach days especially if the beach you are visiting has rock pools. The SeaScope looks like a telescope but it can be used under the water. It is waterproof and includes a light so you can see even if the water is a little bit dark which it can be if you are exploring in rockpools.

As well as being great in the sea, it can be used in streams, ponds and lakes. It has 5x magnification so you can see details in what is under the water.

On the side of the SeaScope there is a ruler and a thermometer so findings can be recorded. Elsa and Cleo took the SeaScope to our local harbour which is great for crabbing so they were expecting to see some crabs! The tide was low so was great for the kids to play in and use the SeaScope. It took a little while for them to get use to the magnification but after a while they were ok and they saw so much under the water from seaweed, shrimp and even little crabs.

The SeaScope is a must have for any beach day!

It is available from Learning Resources
and is priced at £32.00

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