How To Feel Confident This Summer!

I’ll be honest, I don’t feel confident in the summer and I am sure that I am not the only one!

Winter is my season! Baggy jumpers and jeans. Layering up. Summer on the other hand might be lovely because of the sun but with that comes being hot. Some days it is so hot but I don’t have the confidence to wear dresses and shorts.

As I get older though, the more I think about confidence. I have 2 daughters so I want them go realise that they can wear whatever they want and be confident in their own bodies. So I am starting with my self and trying to make myself more confident.

Here are some tips on how to be confident this summer:

For me, my confidence levels are affected by who I’m spending my time with. Try to spend time with people who build you up, people who love you for who you are and who don’t judge. You will be genuinely happy and this shines like a beacon and your self confidence will rocket. – Best Lodges With Hot Tubs

Stop caring so much about what people think! You cannot jump inside the head of the person who you see side-eyeing you on the beach… you assume that they’re thinking you look terrible in that bikini… but the chances are they’re thinking ‘God I wish my hair looked like that on the beach” or “Oooh where did she get that fab beach bag!?” – The Good Thing Is Though

Stop looking at those bikini bodies on adverts on TV and in magazines. Many are photo shopped or achieved by hours and hours of working out on a daily basis. If that’s unachievable for you or not how you want to spend your time, then learn to be happy with your own body! Of course, be healthy and do regular exercise to maintain your health, but don’t aspire to be someone else or look like someone else. Be you! Once you accept yourself and how you are then you will have so much more body confidence. – Healthy Vix

Buy clothes you actually feel comfortable in, stop worrying about if they are the latest style. Find something that suits you and run with it. – EatCartwright

Focus your attention on other people and see them light up around you -be a sunshine spreader each time you give a compliment a listening ear or a word of encouragement you will also get a boost yourself -you always feel better when you have been kind and your self esteem will rise. – Eat Simply

Remember to be kind to yourself and talk to yourself the way you would a friend. – Ricecakes And Raisins

Positive Affirmations! It will feel silly at first, but first thing in the morning look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are confident, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are amazing! Keep doing it and you’ll be surprised at how it really helps build confidence. Great for kids too! – Hollie Plus

Always remember that someone else’s perception of you, rarely affects your reality! If someone else thinks you look bad, so what?! You keep existing exactly the same! Oh and stop reading ‘beauty magazines’. – Nomipalony

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