UK Adventure Trails Raynham Estate Review

Another day, another adventure and this time it is to Raynham Estate for the UK Adventure Trail!

UK Adventure Trails is new to Raynham Estate this year. It is a 1.2k long trail through Lady Ferrer’s wood in the heart of Raynham Estate. The trail is the perfect length for little legs and is suitable for robust pushchairs, so this is something to bare in mind. UK Adventure Trails for designed for children aged 1-10 years and is a walk with a difference.

Within the trail there are over 80 different characters from Aliens to Dinosaurs to Wild Animals! Every child gets a booklet with a checklist so they can fill it out as they go round the woodland.

With 6 themed areas, there is alot for children to see. Some of the characters are there for the children to get close to and they can even sit on them and then there are the other ones which they can’t but it is shown clearly with signs which ones you can and can’t touch.

The different area means there is something for everyone. Elsa loved the fairies and unicorns. Cleo loved the wild animals and Brody loved the dinosaurs. The trail encourages children to enjoy the outside and the world around them while having fun and using their imagination.

Watch our Instagram Reel below:


Online it says that it can take 45-60 minutes to do the trail but it took us just over an hour. It it Covid secure with social distancing signs and there is enough room for everyone. It is also timed slots.

UK Adventure Trails at Raynham Estate is situated just outside of Fakenham and not too far from Swaffham. It is £8 a person and under 2’s go free.

You can find out more over the UK Adventure Trails website.

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