Learning Resources Sensory Fidget Toy Kit Review

As well as being the number one toy that children want at the moment, fidget toys are also great for sensory play.

Cleo has Sensory Processing Disorder and has ASD so we have a wide range of sensory toys. Sensory Fidget toys help children stay calm and keep their brain active. They provide the sensory response that children want and need.

We have been looking every where for the right sensory toys for Cleo and there are so many to choose from so having the Learning Resources Sensory Fidget Toy Kit is the ideal solution. It includes everything that she needs for sensory play. The whole kit comes with 8 different sensory toys including:  2 glow sticks, 1 Sensory Fidget Tube, 1 Playfoam Jumbo Pod, Link n Learn Chain link (100 pieces), 1 rainbow coil spring, PopCubes snap-together cubes (20 pieces), 1 globe stress ball, 2 marbleised poppers, and there is even a starter guide which tells you about each fidget toy.

Each item in the kit is also great for encouraging hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and fine motor skills.

One of Cleo’s favourite toys is the Sensory Fidget Tube. Learning Resources stock a range of these so there are a few options as to which one you will receive but they are all equally great to play with.

The kit costs £30. After looking online at other fidget toys, this kit is great value for money. It is a great starter kit if you are wanting something that covers all basis!

It comes in a resealable bag so it is easy to store too.

You can find the Learning Resources Sensory Fidget Kit over on the Learning Resources website.

We were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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