Exploring Locally – Castle Acre Castle

Who doesn’t love to visit a castle?!

Castle Acre is situated not too far from Fakenham and Swaffham and is part of English Heritage. It is free to explore but there is a £2 charge for car park which you can pay via text. Parking is free if you are an English Heritage member too. It is open at any reasonable day light hours.


It isn’t the best to access if it has been raining if you have a buggy as the step free way to get in does get muddy so a baby carrier would probably be best to explore the Castle ruins and Bailey gate.

The castle and bailey are ruins but there is still alot to explore. Castle Acre Castle was founded not long after the Battle of Hasting so there is many many years of history to learn about and there are boards dotted around the site which tells you all about the area. It is a great example of a motte and bailey castle and is still recognised as some of the most impressive Norman earth works in the country.

Close to the Castle is the Priory which you have to pay to go in to unless you have an English Heritage membership. We haven’t yet explored the Priory but will cover it in a blog post as soon as we do.

Places like these are a great opportunity to teach children about history while playing and having fun!

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