Olpro Winchenford 3.0 8 Berth Tent Review

It has been a little while since we got our Olpro ambassador delivery so I thought it was time to tell you all about the tent that we were sent!

I am a complete novice when it comes to camping, I have never been! It is something that we have thought about but never actually acted on it and I don’t really know why. Camping is such a great way to explore the UK. It is also a cheaper alternative and families can have so much fun on camping adventures. It can become a little home away from home.

The tent that we have is the Olpro Winchenford 3.0 8 berth tent with front extension and tent carpet. All of these products are from Olpro and they stocks a huge range of products for all your camping and caravaning needs. The Winchenford seemed like the ideal tent for us as a family. We are a family of 5 but this tent can sleep up to 8 people so we have plenty of room.

The tent is very easy to put up, It was a little daunting when it came through the door to start off. I was looking at the bag thinking how is there a 8 berth tent in there but sure enough, it was all in there and it was simple to put it. In the storage bag there is the outer tent itself, rods for the outer tent, 3 inner bedroom tents, a partition for the larger bedroom. The inside of the tent is able to be changed to fit your needs. There are 2 double bedroom inner sections and the 1 larger section which can be one big family bedroom or you can use the partition to create 2 more double bedrooms. As well as the bedroom space, there is a large living space in the middle of the tent. This can be used as a living room and all the bedrooms come off this large space. The tent is made with waterproof polyester and has a sewn in groundsheet too. It is perfect for all weather conditions and will keep you safe and dry on your camping adventures.


In the bag is also 2 steel poles so in the weather the doors create a canopy. This is also where the extension comes in handy too. It creates more space outside of the bedrooms. It simply connects on to the main tent and it doesn’t take to set up but create more space. It is a great addition to the Winchenford 3.0. It is sold separatly and comes it is own storage bag. There is also the tent carpet. This is also sold through Olpro and is very handy if you have children or if you want to make the tent that little bit more homely. It is comfortable and soft under the feet. It has a waterproof side and can be used as a larger picnic blanket too.

The Winchenford 3.0 8 berth tent is priced at £399.99 and is available here.

The Winchenford extension is priced at £109 and is available here.

The tent carpet is priced at £55 and is available here

I am proud to be a Olpro Ambassador for this year so this is a partnership blog post

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