Exploring Locally – Amazona Zoo Cromer

Living on the Norfolk coast, we don’t have many zoos close by. Amazona Zoo in Cromer is one that we visited years ago and it left our minds for a long time but we thought it was time to explore it again!

Amazona Zoo is located on Hall Road in Cromer, it is around 5-10 minutes from Cromer seafront and is accessible by car, bus, train and walking. The Zoo has a large car park and it is easy to get to the zoo using a sat nav or the brown tourist signs from Cromer’s information centre.

The Zoo is easy to access too with boardwalks and pretty much level ground all around the zoo. There is toilets, a place to get food and a gift shop. Amazona has a good range of animals considering the size of the zoo. There are animals such as Pumas, Tapirs, Spider Monkeys and a wide range of birds and reptiles. They have one of the biggest snakes that we have ever seen in a zoo! Amazona Zoo has over 200 animals and none of the animals have been taken from the wild. Most of the animals have been from amazing breeding programs at other zoos. To help with conservation, you can adopt any animals for £25. It is a fun way to help the zoo!

For the kids, there is also an outdoor park and an indoor soft play area which are always a hit with the kids.

Zoo admissions prices are:

£11.50 for an adult

£8.50 for a child (under 4’s are free)

£10 for seniors

Carers with a person with a disability is free.

A family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) is £35

What we thought…

Elsa, Cleo and Brody loved the variety of animals. The tropical house was also a huge hit with them and we spent a good amount of time in there. We were at the zoo for around 2 hours which is great considering the price of the zoo. You really do get your moneys worth there. Amazona Zoo is laid out really well and the kids always had something to look at or explore.

The zoo is an amazing addition to Cromer and if you are in the area, it is a great place to visit!

Check out our reel from the day:


You can find out more over on the Amazona Zoo website.

Disclaimer – we were kindly gifted tickets to Amazona Zoo

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