Cromer Football Golf Review

I recently wrote a review on Amazona Zoo so it was about time that I wrote on the neighbour attraction, Cromer PYO and Football Golf.

Amazona Zoo and Cromer Football Golf use the same car park and are situated next to each other. It is around 10 minutes walk and only a few minutes drive from Cromer Sea Front so is very accessible.

Cromer Football Golf is made up of 9 holes and instead of using a club and a golf ball, you use your foot and a football just as the name suggests. It is great for all ages but it is important to bare in mind that the course is partly up hill and the ground is a bit uneven in places. We managed to go round with a pushchair though. It costs £7 a person and it took us around 45 minutes to an hour to get round. This depends on how many other people are on the course playing.

Next to the Football Golf is PYO strawberries and raspberries. This is a separate charge and they charger per KG but the option to do this is also there.

Check out our reel!


The course itself has 9 holes, each hole is completely different and they tell you how many kicks it should take to do the hole. It is really clever how they have set up the hole and the general lay out of the course. It is a bit like fun mini golf but a larger football version rather than flat round golf. It makes it fun and it brings out the competitive side!

Like all attractions like this one, it is weather dependent. It does get closed when it is raining or the weather is bad so check their Facebook page for more info and check it is open before you travel!

Disclaimer – we were kindly gifted tickets to Cromer Football Golf

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