50 Things In Norfolk Before Your Child Turns 5!

When your Child approaches the age of 5, you are thinking about school or maybe they have just started school. It means that your hours in the day together are less. Weekends become the time when you spend the most time together. Norfolk County Council have created a new app which gives you 50 ideas of things to do in Norfolk before you are 5!

50 Things To Do Before You’re 5 is a free app which gives you ideas of things to do with your child. You are able to save memories on the app too in the form of photos so you can always have a bank of memories waiting for you to look back on.

By using the activities that are on the app, parents and carers are encouraging children to develop so many new skills. It helps children have new life experiences, encourages the development of confidence and a passion for trying new things. It can help develop language and teaches children that there is so much more out there to explore and learn about. All of these skills can help children through school and even later in life.

The suggestions on the app are mostly free or have a low cost, this is to ensure that the activities are accessible for every family. The app is easy to use and uses your location (you input your postcode or area) to find activities close to you. You can then upload your memories to inspire other families in the community to try new activities.

50 Things Before You’re 5 is a great way to get young children out and about. It is advertised for children aged 0-5 years but we are going to be using it for all of our children and our age range is 1-6. Each of the activities have been planned out by a team of early years practitioners and education experts. Norfolk County Council have also made sure that children with additional needs are included too.

The 50 Things app helps both children and their parents. It encourages being active and getting out of the house. Parents will have fun too and when you are out and about, you might even find new friends along the way. It helps mental and physical health for children and adults.

We have been trying to pack as much in to this summer as possible and it is great to have an easy to use app to give us suggestions. It isn’t just for summer activities and can be used all year round. We have even downloaded it on Elsa’s tablet so she can have a look at activities and gives us suggestions of what she might like to do with her siblings.

The app is available on Apple and Android and you can also visit the website to find out more.

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