Are We Ready For The Return To School?

The beginning of September means that the return to school is just around the corner but are we ready for the return to school?

The summer holidays have flown by but at the same time, the kids really struggled with the holidays this year. They were bored, missed socialising and wanted to be in a school environment again. They haven’t had a normal school environment for 18 months now and with the school going back to normal, they craved the feeling of a normal school day again.

Covid is still very much here so testing is part of the school routine but other than that school is back to being the school that the kids remember from before March 2020. Are we ready for the return to school?

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think the kids are ready, they are more than ready. I might not be though. We have had a great summer holidays and made so many memories. The worry of Covid is still there and I want to keep my children safe. They will be but the worry is still in my mind.

Cleo is meant to be starting this month but she is being deferred for a little while which is the best decision for her. It is sad that she isn’t starting but it is one of those things that we have to tackle.

Taking the kids in to school is going to feel odd. With things going back to normal, it is a little bit like the last 18 months haven’t happened. It is going to be strange to see the kids mixing and seeing a normal school day again.

I know that Elsa and Cleo will love going back to school and they are ready but I don’t think I am ready for them to return. I am still worried and this summer has been so lovely that I don’t want it to end.

Are you ready for the return to school?

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