Why Everyone Should Raise Awareness

This blog started as a way to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. It was my reason for writing and as time has past it has become more than that. Life has changed and there has been more life experiences that I can write about and raise awareness for.

It seems everyone is on some kind of social media. It could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even TikTok. Everyone has some kind of following on social media. Friends or followers. It is still people that can help you and support you in raising awareness. The biggest misconception is that you have to go through the experience to raise awareness. You don’t.

I know people that support us and help us raise awareness for Down Syndrome. They don’t have anyone in their family with Down Syndrome but they choose to help us and we are so grateful for that.

Everyone has a platform. If you have social media then you can help. There are ways of helping: share social posts from charities, share your friends post, follow and share blogger who are talking about the experience they are raising awareness for.

Over the last 5 years of me blogging, I have been trying to raise awareness for so many charities and things that we have experienced as a family. I find talking helps and it feels lovely to talk about something, that might be harder to talk about and people then support you for it.

People can go through so much behind the scenes and showing support on social media can help people talk about it and get it off their chests.

It is so important to raise awareness and everyone can do it.

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