Storytime With Tonies

In my eyes, it is never too early to be talking about Christmas or getting organised for birthdays. The more organised the better if you ask me and it is looking like Tonies are going to be a favourite for Christmas 2021!

What is a Tonies?

Tonies is a portable and durable audio system for children. The box itself is very durable, splashproof and is rechargable for on the go use. The whole system uses the Tonies, these are little figures with NFC chips which ‘transfer’ the story or audio over to the Toniesbox. There are well known Disney figures and children’s story figures as well Tonies own figures and creative figures for your own audio. The audio on the figures can range from around 20 minutes to up to 2 hours, it all depends on the Tonie and the story or audio that they carry. The figures are magnetic and stick to the Toniesbox. It is so easy for children to use and there are accessories too such as a carry case for the figures and headphones, all that match the colour of the Toniesboxes.

We recently brought a Tonies for Elsa, Cleo and Brody after they asked for one for weeks (if not over a month). We purchased ours from Ele and Me which is a local shop in Wells-Next-The-Sea. They stock all of the Tonies products and it is a great to be able to buy them while supporting a smaller business.

There are a few colours to choose from; Green, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple and Grey. All of these have matching cases and headphones.

The Tonies stand out from competitors due to its durability and the figure system. It is great for toddler aged children up to around 10 years of age. The range of audio figures is huge. We love the Disney figures, they play some songs from the much loved films and tell a story. There are Disney characters such as Elsa from Frozen, Lightening Mcqueen from Cars and Sully from Monsters Inc just to name a few. When it comes to children’s book characters, there is the Gruffalo, Room on a Broom and Diary of a Whimpy Kid, just to name a few of those too.

So far, the kids haven’t stopped playing with their Tonies and I would say that they all use it equally. We have even brought ab extra one for Nannies house so they also have one there to use! They can all use it and the fact it can be charged up is great for on the go use. The Toniesbox is priced at £69.95, the figures start at £9.99, the carry case is £19.99 and the headphones are £24.99.

It is reasonably priced considering the hours and hours of play that a child can get out of the Tonies. It is great for playtime, quiet time and bedtime, There are no bright lights on the Tonies so it a amazing for a screen free bedtime or just screen free time in general.

We purchase all of ours from Ele and Me and you can purchase online from there too. All of the Tonies products are priced the same as other stores but you are support a smaller business and they also have some great sale products too! Check out Ele and Me here and the Tonies range at Ele and Me here.

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