Days Out With The Whizzer By KIDDIWHIZZ!

I think every parent has been in the situation where their child asks for a wee in the most unconviental place. It happens to the best of us. Normally they would have to hold it in (which just doesn’t work) or they have to go in a bush but there is a product on the market which saves the day!

The Whizzer by KIDDIWHIZZ is a unisex portable toilet. It has a capacity of 250ml and is suitable for up to 8 years of age. The Whizzer is leakproof, comes in multiple different colours, available in different sizes and is made from FDA-approved high-grade silicone. It is great for travel and potty training on the go.

What is included in the Whizzer?

So the Whizzer is compact. It could easily fit in a changing bag or children’s backpack without taking up too much space. Everything you need to use the Whizzer fits in the container itself making it even more compact. Included is; a unisex spout, a stability ring and a leak-proof funnel. The container also has a handy hanging hook. There is a handy bag to keep it in too!

How to use the Whizzer?

I have taken these instructions from the box as it is the easiest way to explain it.

  1. Assemble the Whizzer
  2. Hold the Whizzer underneath the child with the highest part of the spout at the front to provide privacy
  3. Once finished, simply removed the spout and push the lid tightly on,
  4. Empty and clean at your earliest convenience.

It is a simple as that.

When it comes to how my children use it. We have used it a few times and even though it isn’t something that you will use all day everyday, it is still really handy to have in your bag just incase. If we go for a longer journey, it is great to have it. It is a life saver and it is now kept in the changing bag at all times!

You can find out more over on the Kiddiwhizz website and Kiddiwhizz Instagram.

Use code ‘coastalmum10’ to get 10% off and free delivery!

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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