Crystalina Dolls Review

It is time to meet the new Crystalina Dolls. Dolls with the powers of crystals and a new toy that everyone will love!

Crystalina dolls have a crystal like body which lights up to create crystal powers and auras. With one shake, you can change the colour of the Crystalina and put the focus of their power on to something else. Each dolls comes with a crystal colour changing necklace amulet which use wireless tech to collect different colours and patterns from the dolls. Not only do they connect with the necklace but also other Crystalina dolls!

The more fairies that come together the more light shows you get when playing. The dolls also feature brushable hair and a moon shaped stand which collects the colours of the dolls so in the dark then stand also lights up the same as the dolls.

There are 4 dolls to collect: Turquoise (Healing), Rose Quartz (Love), Amethyst (Love) and Aventurine (Luck). Each doll has different coloured hair depending on their crystal colour.

The Crystalina dolls are there to encourage positive energy. The amulets mean that your child harness the crystal power from their doll.

Crystalina dolls are a great way to introduce your children to the world of crystals and the powers that they can have without actually giving them crystals. The wireless features add that feeling of magic and mystery. It can pass light through one dolls, one amulet or many dolls and amulets at the same time. The power is in your hands.

Cleo loves her Crystalina dolls and she is amazed by the colour changing feature!

Crystalina dolls are available from Tesco, B&M and other good retailers.

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