Gift Ideas For A 2 Year Old

As it is October, we celebrated Brody’s 2nd birthday! We struggled so much this year with what to buy him. To make it easier for other people in the same situation as we were, I have created a gift guide for 2 year olds!

I have decided to do my gift guide a bit different this year, I have done it after Brody’s birthday and included all the bits that he got for his birthday. Usually we do it before the day but this way, I can tell you what he actually loved from the day to give the best ideas.

Tonies – I have spoken about Tonies on the blog post and you can read my review here. A Toniesbox is a audio box which tells stories. It uses figures with NFC chips to store the audio on the figures. There are so many amazing figures to collect including some well known characters such as the Gruffalo, Disney and Trolls. You can find out more over on Ele and Me

Colouring – We have a mini Picasso at home at the moment, Brody seems to draw on everything he can get his hands on. So anything that we can use to distract away from our white walls is great! For his birthday, we got him a set of Djeco flower crayons from Ele and Me. These are flower shaped crayons that are made for little hands. They are a great price too at only 5.95. You can find them here.

Building blocks – Every child loves building blocks and Brody is no different. He already had a smaller set but over the last few weeks had been asking for more so we got a simple wooden set from Smyths Toys for around £9. Theses ones have a shape sorter in the lid of the tub too! you can find them here.

Clothing – Not the most exciting gift in the eyes of a toddler but a great gift idea anyway! Brody recieved some lovely clothing gifts this year. One of our favourite brands, Frugi have a range of clothing that features numbers, perfect for birthdays! Brody’s had the number 2 in the shape of a duck, he loves it and as a family, we love Frugi has a brand. You can find it here.

Puzzles – This might be pretty obvious but puzzles is a must for toddler birthday gift ideas. They are great to encourage motor skills, problem solving and being creative. We got 2 Cocomelon puzzles from poundland. They don’t need to cost a lot and you can pretty much get them anywhere so they make a great gift.

Cars, trucks and vehicles in general – At 2 years old, children are starting to use their imagination so anything that ignite their imagination is a great gift. For Brody, cars and construction vehicles are his favourite at the moment. They are great for indoor and outdoor play too.

What would you add to a birthday list for a 2 year old?

Some of these items were kindly gifted

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