Dream Seekers Zara Doll Review

You must have seen the Dream Seekers Dolls by now! We have reviewed them previously but there is a new Dream Seeker out and it is beautiful!

You can read our first review here if that is something that you would like to read as well as this review. Each doll is different so it might be worth having a look at the different ones available.

As the dolls are now in stores, we headed to our local Smyths Toys to find Dream Seekers on the shelves. After searching, we found them and they were with all the other Dream Seekers that are available. The Zara Dream Seeker dolls is the newest one out and it is available online and it store at Smyths Toys and is priced at £19.99.

Dream Seekers dolls are inspired by traditional ragdoll fairies, they are made from soft materials and have poseable arms and legs. Each dream seeker doll comes with a magical place for your child to write their dreams. Talking about dreams and encouraging your children to have dreams and aspirations is so important for their development. The Dream Seekers will be there to wish for their dreams to come true.

All of the Dream Seekers dolls come with long rooted hair and big colourful magical wings. The outfits on the dolls is also removable so if your child has more than one doll, they can mix the clothing. Each doll is made with detail and there are so many gorgeous details in these dolls. There are 4 dolls to collect and each one has a different personality and dream. The 4 dolls to collect are; Zara, Hope Bella and Luna.

Other the last few weeks, Cleo has been rediscovering the Dream Seekers dolls and the bright colours and hair that can be styled is a huge hit for her! She loves that she can out her own little twist on her Dream Seekers doll by using the hair accessories that come with the doll. The dolls are reasonably priced and they are brilliant quality. They also look great on display on a bed or on a shelf too as they are so pretty!

They are suitable for children from the age of 3 years old.

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