Top 3 Must-Haves For Your New Baby

In 2019, UK’s first-time births were the second-highest in ten years. The statistics indicated that all live births recorded in the period totalled 42%. In other words, almost half of the couples in that year were new to parenthood. This brings up the issue of knowing what you need for your first baby or set of babies. Other baby essentials are equally significant, apart from the usual baby clothes, toys, and formula you may know all about. Indeed, you will be lucky to receive some of these and even more as gifts from friends and family. Below are a few of those things.

Essential baby gear

Baby gear refers to all the other things that aid in securely conveying your baby from one place to the other in safety and comfort. That way, you can have both hands free to do other important things but all in connection with the baby. Moreover, if you intend to have more kids after your first, the baby gear you buy now will come of use. Therefore, investing in a baby carrier, a lightweight stroller (double stroller for twins), a foldable crib, and a pram is incredibly beneficial. 

Additionally, getting a safe and age-appropriate car seat will make your driving convenient. Fortunately, there are car seat designs that can be used from birth up to age four years. Others can be used until your baby is twelve years old. Depending on which type you can afford, the objective is to get a model that serves the intended purpose.

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding supplies

Indeed, your baby has to eat, which is why you must get the best feeding supplies to last for a more extended period. Even if you intend to breastfeed your baby for the next six months, you will still need bottles and other supplies to make it easier for you. Some examples are the breast pump (for expressing milk), age-appropriate bottles, lightweight burp cloths, bibs, nursing cover, and breastmilk bags (optional).

As a new mom who chooses to breastfeed, you will need nursing pads to take care of leakages from the breast. Disposable or reusable pads can do the job while keeping your shirt or blouse dry and clean. Additionally, nursing bras and some nipple cream will do you a lot of good. According to studies on new moms in the UK, over 55% experience cracked or sore nipples within the first six months of childbirth.

Bathing supplies

As long as this is your first time attending to a new baby, you will need bathing supplies for your little bundle of joy. Fortunately, many are designed to cater to your baby’s needs until they hit 12 months. Others can even be used up to age two. For soaps and shampoo, choose no-tears options to protect your baby’s sensitive eyes. Moreover, you may want to avoid brands that indicate added fragrance on their baby bath products.

This will increase your chances of preventing worrisome baby skin allergies. Also, a soft fabric hooded towel will keep your tot dry and warm after the bath. While at it, don’t forget to buy a bath thermometer and some baby bath toys. From the age of three months and beyond, you will be glad to have those little yellow ducklings floating on the bathwater.

There is so much to learn with your first baby, but you will get the hang of it in no time. What you need are lots of observation, caution, and learning to be preemptive. Fortunately, these character traits tend to come along with maternal instincts.

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