A surprise diagnosis

The last week has been hard to say the least.

On Monday, we took Cleo to the GP. Over the last few months we have noticed that she is zoning out. It is almost as if her brain switches off for 10-15 seconds and then comes back. She has been doing it daily and even her nursery has noticed it happening. We had an idea of what it could be and we needed to go to a GP to get advice and just see what they think. After keeping a symptom diary, it seems that we have a new battle on our hands.

Absent seizure Epilepsy.

We are waiting to see someone at the hospital so they can have a look at her brain. She will have an EEG and possibly headscans.

It was a shock but in a way, we knew it was coming. It was obvious to us that this is what we were facing.

For now, we are keeping a diary and noting everything that happens. Most diagnosis is given through symptoms diaries so this is so so important.

Time for another part of our journey. It is definitely something that I am going to talk about on here and socials. Not only is it good to get thoughts down on paper but it could help other families.

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