Pensthorpe Natural Park Halloween Events!

To start off the half term with a bang, we headed to Pensthorpe Natural Park to try out their Halloween events!

Pensthorpe’s Wicked Wildlife run from Saturday 23rd October to Sunday 31st October and the majority of the events within the park are included in the admission. The only activities that are not included are pumpkin carving and the explorer tour which is an off road adventure to parts of Pensthorpe that are not accessible by foot. These activities can be booked in advance and they have an extra cost. £3 for the pumpkin carving and £4 for the Pensthorpe explorer.

There are still so many things to do that are included in the admission price. From free craft activities, a mini pumpkin trail and a one hour slot in Hootz Haunted House. Just a side note though, Hootz House gets very very busy and gets booked up fast so if you are booking a ticket to Pensthorpe then book Hootz House too!

Hootz House itself is incredible and the children love it so much. It is an indoor play area with winding slides and passages. You can book an hour in Hootz House which to be honest is enough time to play. There is a cafe that sells snacks, food and drink. It is a handy little cafe but there isn’t a huge variety of choice. We always take snacks with us as well as buying from the cafe.

All of the events were great and the kids had an amazing day. The only criticism that I would have is that the pumpkin carving could be easier. They don’t precut the pumpkins and the tools are not the sharpest so it is a bit of a pain. We decorated ours and managed to cut the top off to take the seeds out but then stopped as it was too hard to do anymore carving. It is worth the £3 extra though!

Pensthorpe Natural Park is an amazing place to take kids. As well as having loads of fun the kids can learn all about birds and wildlife and it is an educational day out. You can find out more over on the Pensthorpe website.

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