Cats Vs Pickles Are Now Available At B&M

We all love a trip to good old B&M and they now stock the popular plushies, Cat vs Pickles!

There are 44 cats and 4 rare pickles to collect in series one and one very important question..

‘Are you Team Cats or Team Pickles?’

We are most definitely Team Cats! There are so many amazing designs to collect and they are soft small plushies that are full of beans. Cats vs Pickles have a really good price point too as they retail at only £4.99 each. Being collectable with so many varities is perfect for children aged 3 years plus.

Cats vs Pickles can be collected, played with and even swapped if your child ever does get a duplicate ( there are so many different ones!).

A few weeks ago, we headed to the Norwich B&M to find Cats vs Pickles on the shelves. After searching high and low, we found them in the toy aisle! Elsa was very happy that we found them on the shelves and we are on the look out in every B&M we visit now. We a good collection now with a few being the kids favourites. Cleo’s favourite is Miss BumbleKitty and Elsa’s favourite is Majicat. Their collection is definitely going to grow as they have put some on their christmas list already!

We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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