Learning With Peppa Pig Electronic Toys

I don’t know a single household that has young children that hasn’t one through the Peppa Pig faze. The time in a child’s life when they are obsessed with Peppa Pig. It happens to every child!

Thankfully though, Peppa Pig toys can be not just fun but also educational for children. The Peppa Pig electronic toy range is now available from Argos and there is a good variety of toys in the range. They are ideal for children aged 2 to 4 years.

Over the past few weeks, we have been testing out 3 of the Peppa Pig toys to let you know if they live up to the hype!

Count With Peppa

Count With Peppa is a interactive learning toy that features 3 songs from the hit TV series. It helps with developing counting skills as well as colour and picture recognition. Count With Peppa comes with 10 interactive play coins which all feature numbers, objects and a different Peppa Pig character on them. Peppa Pig asks children to put the coins in her purse and as they do this, Peppa can recognise what coins have been inserted. There are 8 different activities for your children to play with. These encourage children to learn about numbers, colours and pictures.

Brody has loved playing with Count With Peppa and it has helped develop his understanding of colours and numbers. Peppa Pig sings 3 songs from the TV show and Brody knows all 3 songs and tries to sing along with them. Count With Peppa is now available from Argos and is priced at £20.99.

Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet

It is never to early to introduce your child to the world of phonics! They will learn it at school so it is a good idea to show it to them before hand. The Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet helps develop basic knownledge of letters, numbers and colours as well as phonics and spelling. Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet comes with 8 blocks and a bag to store them. Peppa asks children to find the letter blocks and insert them in to the front of Peppa’s dress. This promotes problem solving and aids speech and language development.

I did think that Brody might be too young for this but he actually really enjoys playing with it. He has started to recognise letters and numbers so this toy will encourage his learning and understanding. With Cleo having speech delay this is also helping her develop her speech. Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet is available from Argos and is priced at £20.99.

Peppa’s Flip & Learn Phone

I don’t know a single child that doesn’t love a play phone! The Peppa’s Flip & Learn Phone encourages children to play along with Peppa and her friends. Kids can pretend to make and receive calls using the brightly coloured buttons . There are quizes they can take part in and pretend to take photos with the camera button. The screen also lights up like a real phone!

Watch our reel below to see the Peppa’s Flip & Learn Phone in action:

The Peppas’s Flip & Learn Phone is avaiable from Argos and is priced at £11.49

We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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