Meet Tan Tan Orangutan From Jiggly Pets!

We went on an adventure to our nearest Smyths Toys Superstores to find the new Jiggly Pets, Tan Tan Organgutan.

Tan Tan Orangutan is the King of the Jungle. He stands at around 10″ and has full body movement. Jiggly Pet toys wiggle, jiggle and shake their booty to music. Tan Tan has 3 of his very own songs which he dances along too. He is made from soft squidgy material which wiggles when he moves. He has a pair of bright blue party glasses and of course, in the box you get a pair for yourself so you can match Tan Tan!

Simply press the button on his foot to see him dance and shake his booty. He is a party animal!

Tan Tan Orangutan and other Juggly pet animals are perfect for children 4 years and over that love interactive animals. It is also a great way to get children up and moving. Tan Tan’s songs have got stuck in our heads already and he seems to be going out with us too now, he is slowly becoming Cleo’s best friend!

Tan Tan Orangutan is available from Smyths Toys Superstores now and is priced at £24.99

You can check out our reel from when we went to find Tan Tan below:


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