Finding The Perfect Christmas Jumper With IWOOT!

Christmas jumpers. It doesn’t matter if you wear them or not, there is no denying that they are now a popular Christmas tradition.

With Christmas events and Christmas jumper days at schools and nursery’s even before the big day, having a Christmas jumper is a must for the festive season. Over the years, they have become more creative and IWOOT have an incredible range of jumpers available for both adults and children!

Elsa, Cleo and Brody were all in the market for a new Christmas jumper and the selection that IWOOT didn’t disappoint.

Obviously Disney and Marvel are a huge hit! I mean who doesn’t love them?!

Elsa picked a fair isle style marvel jumper. It is a knitted material and is lovely and thick, perfect for the colder weather. There are hidden marvel characters throughout the jumper too which is a lovely detail. Elsa usually wears 9 year clothing and we got this in a M and it fits her perfectly. It is going to be perfect for her Christmas jumper day at school.

Cleo picked a Disney jumper and of course, one of her favourite characters, Olaf from Frozen. This jumper is more of a sweatshirt with printing on instead of a knitted material. It is a great take on a Christmas jumper and it is a great alternative to a knitted jumper. Again, like Elsa’s jumper, it is a thick but soft material.

Brody’s was like Elsa’s, Marvel but was the same material as Cleo’s. This sweatshirt material is perfect for smaller children. It is comfy and allows them to be warm while playing. Brody wears 3-4 years which is what he would wear from other stores too so sizing is about right. The pattern on the jumper is similar to Elsa’s, just on a smaller scale.

All 3 of these jumpers are available over on the Christmas jumper section on the IWOOT website.

Christmas jumpers supplied by IWOOT

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