The Ultimate 2021 Gift Guide

My gift guide is a little different this year, normally I would do seperate ones for different age ranges or members of the family but I have decided to put it all in to one blog post.

I have a feeling that Christmas this year is going to be a huge celebration. After a testing year, we all deserve a little treat and there is no better time than Christmas to do it.

There are 12 items in this gift guide and each one is a product that we have, we have tried them and included them as we think they would make a great gift!

For the Kids:

Geomag Mechanics Loops And Turns Construction Set – 130pc

This set is great for ages 8 years plus and is ideal for creative and STEM play. This Geomag Mechanics Set is an innovative construction system which uses magnets and invisable forces to create a moving circuit without the use of batteries or electritcy. This set is priced at £34.99 and is great for mixing having fun while also learning. It is available from The Entertainer.

KIKKERLAND Wooly Mammoth 3D Wooden Puzzle

Who doesn’t love a puzzle as a gift?! It is something for those moments that you just need to be doing something. The KIKKERLAND 3D puzzles are great for older children or can be done with younger children if an adult is there too to help out. With 5 star reviews on Amazon, these puzzles are loved and would make a ideal stocking filler as they are priced at only £10.83 and are available over on Amazon.

Dantoy BIOplastic Kitchen Set Gift Box

We LOVE Dantoy! They are a sustainable toy brand that creates toys from sugarcane. They are 100% recyable and are great for outdoor play. They are a brilliant toy for all ages and strong and durable. Dantoy supports creative and imaginative play. The Kitchen set is priced at £12.99 and is a 14 piece set. It is available from Smyths Toys .

Geomag – Magicube

Magicube from Geomag is another brand that is well loved in our house. Their sets are amazing and there are so many different ones to collect. They are suitable for children aged 1-5 years. Magicube makes a great creative and imaginative toy for young children.

Ginger Fox Memory Mayhem Game

What would a gift guide be without a game to play on Christmas Day?! The Ginger Fox memory game is a mindbending, multitaking game which tests your memory. You have to be quick thinking and fast paced too! Do you think you are up for the challenge?! Ginger Fox Memory Game is priced at £15.00 and is avaible from John Lewis .

For the Adults:

3 Love Songs Music Box Set

These little music boxes are like old fashioned romance in gift box form. The music boxes are made from steel and are on an MDF base. You simply turn the handle to hear some of the most famous love songs without the need for batteries. They make the most gorgeous little gift. They are availble from Fred Aldous LTD and are priced at £19.20.

Safe Slot Tech Pocket

The ideal for the tech savy person in your life. This Safe Slot Tech Pocket simply sticks to the back of your phone and can hold credit/debit cards. It can hold a total of 3 cards and is great for ID and gift cards as well as your bank cards. It is available from Mankind and is priced at £8.99.


This is really for the grown ups! It is a truth or dare drinking game! Perfect for the festive season and can be played with 3-6 players. The first player to the VIP area wins. Will you drink everyone else under the table? It is available fro KIKKERLAND and is priced at £20.

For the home:


These Edison string lights are a more affordable gift and they make a great addition to someone’s room. They can be hung pretty much anywhere indoors and they are 2.5M in length all together. With a price tag of £10.00, they make a great secret Santa gift too! They are available from KIKKERLAND online.


I know so many people with out be useful for! This find me arrow is the perfect place to keep your phone, keys or wallet so you will never lose them. Again, just like the lights, it is priced at £10 and would make a great secret Santa gift or stocking filler! It is available from KIKKERLAND


In a world where we antibac everything, this cleaning putty is quite literally a life saver! It can used to clean everything from a car interior to a keyboard. It removes dirt and can be used over and over again. It is priced at £5 and is one very useful gift. It is available from KIKKERLAND online.


The perfect way to bring an art gallery to your home using your own photos. This photo mobile hangs from your ceiling and holds 10 photos. It is in a trendy copper colour and would look amazing in any room in a house. It saves shelf and wall space while hanging 10 photos at the same time. It is priced at £10 and is available from IWOOT online.

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